Small Town Big Money

“A useful, laugh-out-loud guide to running a small-town business.”
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Small Town Book
The only book on the shelf dedicated to small town entrepreneurship. It hits the shelves January 8, 2019. Preorder your copy today!

Think innovation only happens in big cities? Think again!

Forget moving to the city to launch the next big thing only to become another face lost in the shuffle. Entrepreneurs everywhere are finally waking up to the fact that there is a better way. If you’re ready to wake up, this is the small town book for you.

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Small Towns are Ripe for Entrepreneurship!

Whether your goal is to start a business in the hopes of financial freedom, to gain a competitive advantage by cutting costs, or simply to make your small town better, Small Town Big Money shows you how.

Discover the untapped treasures of small town entrepreneurship, like:

  • How building your startup in a small town will launch you past your competition
  • How Colby and other small town entrepreneurs used small town stereotypes to their advantage
  • How to scale to the Big Money level, even from a small town
  • How other small town entrepreneurs built a rich life by embracing authenticity and other non-corporate values
  • How to alter your town’s paradigm in order to attract entrepreneurs and to boost your local economy

Small Town Big Money guides readers through this journey in three ways:

  1. Persuasion for entrepreneurs everywhere – consider small towns as the next frontier for startups!
  2. Inspiration and advice for entrepreneurs – small town entrepreneurship comes with its own bag of challenges unique from entrepreneurship anywhere else. These stories, tips, and tricks will help.
  3. Perspective for small town civic leaders – get creative and create a small town that entrepreneurs want to call their home.

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Book Reviews

Small Town Big Money captures the essence of what it’s like to start a business in a small town and grow it into a major enterprise. Colby Williams mixes from-the trenches advice with humorous commentary and real-world examples, making the book both informative and enjoyable to read.  His tips and insights will ring true to anyone who’s ever started a business or been involved in their local business community whether they are located in the Midwest or the suburbs of New York City or other major cities.

Janet Attard, founder of
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“A useful, laugh-out-loud guide to running a small-town business.”

This book has two main goals: to help you find entrepreneurial success and to keep you entertained. I haven’t found out about that first one yet, but I can check number two confidently off of my list. Written with a fun voice and a great personality, Small TownBig Money is something that aspiring business owners should really start paying attention to.

In 2012, Colby Williams and his parents founded Parengo Coffee, a small-town gem now located in historic downtown Sikeston, Missouri. The Williams’ family was well-aware of the difficulties of starting a business in a place with a low population: “If well-intentioned warnings are ‘food for thought’ then small town entrepreneurs should prepare for an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord.” But they didn’t let anything stop them.In Small Town Big Money, they urge you to do the same.

Author Colby Williams shares practical advice on how to build a successful business through the lens of his time at Parengo Coffee. He writes with such clear prose and never loses hold of his fun, informal style. It’s easy to trust him as an author, whether he’s offering business advice or cracking a joke about his quick-witted baristas’ remarkable abilities to “just can’t even.”

“Someday, maybe, you could sail through life in the captain’s chair and treat yourself to every whim and fancy. For now, you have to row the boat.”

Because of the excerpts written by other business owners, I found this book especially useful. These first-hand accounts put Williams’s ideas and advice into motion, showing the reader how multiple entrepreneurs got their start, how they kept moving forward, and what their plan was to achieve their future goals.

It’s easy to get inspired by Williams. “Good enough is not good enough,” he reminds us. And, “This thing might have to be your life for a while.” With both the optimism and advice that the author shares, the book succeeds in proving its primary point: you can do this. Whatever you’ve got your entrepreneurial mind set on, you can do it if you put in the time, work, and heart.

Small Town Big Money does come in at around [240] pages, which could be shortened quite a bit. It repeats similar inspirational points fairly often, and in the grand scheme of things, it could have taken on a more practical tone more often than its purely inspirational one.

However, this book is definitely worth the market price. It offers specific business advice like pitches, online presences, and specific marketing plans in an accessible voice. It could prove useful for anyone looking to start their own business, whether they are in a small town, a digital marketplace, or anywhere.

Independent Book Review
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This book is funny, caring, genuine. Like a small town.
Colby Williams, author and co-founder of Parengo Coffee in Sikeston, Missouri, couldn’t find a book that told people what to do as an entrepreneur before they had money or a location, so he wrote one himself. It’s called Small Town Big Money, and it is the first book you should read if you find yourself needing to scratch the entrepreneurial itch. Williams makes a strong case for locating your business in a small town and introduces you to smart, engaging, creative small-town folks along the way. Through his use of personal anecdotes poking fun at his own successes and failures as a small-town business owner, inclusion of essays from other voices in the throes of small-town entrepreneurship and incorporation of interactive portions of the book, Williams feels like a friend who really, really wants you to succeed — the kind to whom you can ask any question (even an embarrassing one) and receive an honest answer. He’s been there.

Mia Pohlman, editor of B Magazine
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Colby in the studio book reviews
The author out in the studio at KRCU, Cape Girardeau, MO.

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